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"Life is a balance of holding and letting go"



"I have been practicing Yoga with Alison for the last few years and am now enjoying the new Yin Yoga practice. Alison is a very inspiring teacher and attentive to everyone in her class. Yoga has made a big difference to my life both physically and mentally and I would highly reccommend Alison as a teacher."



"Attending Alison's Yoga class every week is such a treat! Alison's passion for Yoga is contagious. She spreads peace and serenity as she takes the time to focus on each individual need in the class.

The classes are so valuable to me and they have made a positive impact in my everyday life."



"Alison is a great teacher. My lower back problems are much better since I have been attending her classes regularly over the last 2 years. I always come away from the class with my mind feeling more relaxed and my body feeling great! I often recommend Yoga to my patients now."

Dr SW G.P.


"I thoroughly enjoy your sessions and think you're a fab teacher."



"Alison picks up on the subtlest physical changes to get the very most out of any particular exercise"



“Alison is an excellent Yoga teacher. Her explanations and instructions are lucid and easy to follow. She gets your body and mind on the right road in no time at all.”



"Alison  has recently introduced the class to Yin Yoga which is the perfect antidote to our busy lives. I always leave feeling well, both in mind and body."



"We are encouraged to assess how we feel at the beginning of each class and to work from that point. It is up to the individual to decide how hard to work or whether they should take a relaxed approach to that session and we then reassess our state at the end of the class."


The classes are an hour and a half in length and comprise long stretches, breathing and relaxation. Alison teaches a wide range of ages and abilities; the classes are suitable for both beginners and the more experienced.


The classes are designed to aid each student with practical skills that they can take away and use in the everyday ups and downs of modern day living.

Alison has chosen the halls carefully - they are clean, warm, quiet and are pleasant environments in which to practice Yin Yoga.

Individual Sessions

Alison offers one to one bespoke classes for those wishing a more personal approach, or perhaps where time is at a premium.  The sessions are conducted at your home or place of work. Please contact Alison for further information.


Classes are taught in half term blocks, corresponding to school timetables.  Block bookings are taken at a charge of £9:00 per class.


Drop in at a charge of £12.00, subject to prior arrangement and availability.


Cold Aston


Tuesday 11am




Wednesday 7pm


Cold Aston


Thursday 5pm


Cold Aston


Monday 7pm

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