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"Life is a balance of holding and letting go"



"Alison's classes, in her own words:  "allow you to have an hour and a half all to your self".  The whole body has a chance to unwind, relax, stretch and feel rejuvenated, my week would feel lost without it...... "



"Alison’s quiet effectiveness makes each session more than just a series of exercises: it becomes an exploration of self."



"Alison offers Yoga plus: tried and tested techniques combined with acute personal insight."



"I'm really enjoying learning about Yin Yoga. It really helps me to focus on what's going on inside my body which helps to quieten my mind. I can feel myself stretching, particularly the sides of my waist and my hips. It compliments other exercise that I do. I like the quiet atmosphere of the hall, the subdued lighting, it's very relaxing. I look forward to the class every week."




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