Alison Carroll Yin Yoga

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"Life is a balance of holding and letting go"


"We are encouraged to assess how we feel at the beginning of each class and to work from that point. It is up to the individual to decide how hard to work or whether they should take a relaxed approach to that session and we then reassess our state at the end of the class."



“I have been a lifelong practitioner of hatha yoga. It has been a relief of late to discover, in Alison’s classes, yin yoga, with its profound and lasting impact on bodily and mental wellbeing and balance. I feel nurtured and cherished in her classes and I sleep so well when I get home.”



"I just wanted to tell you know how much I enjoy your Yin yoga sessions … I feel a foot taller I've been stretched so much!"



How Yoga Can Help You

The tissues in our bodies our classified as being either Yin or Yang.


Muscles are Yang, and respond to Yang type repetitive movements, like running, cycling or more physical types of Yoga.


But our joints, ligaments and fascia or connective tissue, all classified as Yin, need long, slow passive movements to keep them strong and healthy.


Yin Yoga is the missing part of how we live and work and exercise.


It brings a sense of calm and peace to our minds and emotions, it stretches and strengthens our connective tissue, in turn making more space in our joints for them to work better and we feel more able to confront the challenges of every day life from a new position of mental equilibrium and physical comfort and well being.